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Where to start?

Browns has developed this shopping guide to provide you with a few handy hints to make it easier to find the right lingerie gift for your partner

1. Start with the Size

Lingerie is designed to fit across the back and offer support on the front so if you want to buy a lingerie set (bra and briefs to match) then you will need to know more than just the dress size and guessing usually doesn't work!

We would suggest taking a quick look at one of her bras and making a note of the number for her ribcage (eg 34) and the size of cup (eg D). For the briefs you will need to know approximate dress size eg 10/12 or Small/Medium.

If you can't find out her bra size, then it may be better to choose a set that is less size specific, such as a camisole top and shorts set, or a glamorous nightdresss.

2. Pay attention to colours

If you want to avoid the normal white and black or neutral colours that your partner wears everyday then let her fashion style influence your purchase.

For example, if she always wears dark colours then go for grey or plum or if she likes bright colours then choose prints.

On the other hand if you would like to stick with colours she usually wears then instead of white, try ivory or cream with lace which gives a classic but prettier and more luxurious look.

And if your partner usually wears black underwear then you could upgrade to black lingerie in satin or silk for a more glamorous look and feel.

We're here to help

Hopefully these simple steps and ideas will help you to find the perfect gift for your partner, whether you are shopping online or you visit us in store at 35 Francis Street, Leics LE2 2BE.

However, if you would like more advice then please send us an email at or call on during UK office hours on +44 (0)116 2707188 as all our team are very friendly and more than happy to help.